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Nov 08, 2016
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There are 6 good reasons why I am running for office: my kids.

Our economy and schools are struggling. We must work together now to create a prosperous North Carolina for their generation.

How? By following Thomas Jefferson's advice that "most bad government results from too much government."

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As you assuredly are aware, the political season is upon us. Our fellow bar members have always played a significant role in our local, state and federal government – serving on the city council, county commission, in the legislature, as governors and in the U.S. Congress. Unfortunately, the c...
Last year, we reformed the approach of state government by instituting sound financial principles. We lowered taxes for families at every income level, cut corporate taxes, reformed the regulatory process, eliminated burdensome red tape, and paid down debt to prevent a significant tax increase on bu...
Hearing from you is very important for me to represent you in Raleigh. Please take a moment to answer this 10 question survey. ...
"For North Carolina to lead the nation out of the recession, we need Rob Bryan in the State House. Rob has a fresh vision for job creation and education reform that will renew our state's ability to compete in the global economy. I enthusiastically endorse him and encourage all who are eage...